We are a fintech and Treasury consulting business based in Sydney

Meet The Team

Equip reflects years of insight in solving Treasury challenges. We are an experienced team passionate about delivering rapid solutions to persistent problems, creating time and space for meaningful decision making.

Co-Founder & CEO

Tom Alexander

Extensive background in Treasury consulting and product development working with ~100 companies on their Treasury challenges.

Drawn to creating sustainable solutions that scale through time.

Passionate about Folk music and Jazz, ultramarathon running and garden making.

BA Economics | MComm Finance & Banking

Co-Founder & COO

Federico Podesta

Over a decade of experience developing products and managing process improvement for corporates in multiple industries.

Fluent in English & Spanish.

Prioritises time with family and friends, balanced with a healthy and sportive life.

Enthusiastic about nature and sustainability.


Co-Founder & CTO

Nick Corlett

Extensive experience developing and delivering technical solutions across a range of industries.

Passionate about using technology and automation to elevate businesses.

Enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and intrepid travels with his family.

Keen follower of the NFL and the Premier League.

BEng (Hons) | Mechatronics



We believe in doing meaningful work with people we truly enjoy and admire. If we have the right people on the bus, each in the right seat and aligned on a common purpose, we give ourselves a true chance of making sustained positive impacts on people’s lives. This is a privileged position to be in.


Creativity & Innovation.

We will thrive if impassioned curiosity and experimentation are woven into the fabric of our company. We must foster and recognise this behaviour. We must vigorously monitor and test cutting edge practices. We will seek the best aspects of seemingly binary choices to create outcomes where we can have it all.


Exceptional Execution.

To manifest our ideas in the physical world, our execution must be specific, methodical, and consistent. We believe in only doing excellent work. Speed is only one of many considerations.


Personal Growth and Wellbeing.

We believe in personal growth for its own sake. We believe in sleep, learning, nutrition and exercise as ends in themselves. We believe in leaving appropriate space in our days to enjoy their benefits.



Our actions must first prevent social or environmental harm, and then increase sustainability whenever possible. We welcome all feedback in this regard.


Achieve more with less.

Let's Work Together


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